We are C+D:

Charts+Darts is an independent full-service agency born and bred to execute big ideas that hit the mark.

A collective of thinkers, writers, designers, creators, digital gurus, and media minds, all under one roof. We’ve bucked the “traditional” process for one that’s more collaborative–creating a close, honest relationship with partners. One that’s smarter–with quick creative, content and media. And one that’s faster to market–executing and testing instead of overthinking and deliberating.

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Strategy isn’t simply research and shrewd observations – it’s about spotlighting challenges and creating a plan of action that unlocks a brand’s greatest potential. Strategy connects your brand to your audience, creating communication that builds genuine connections.

Brand Strategy | Research & Insights | Comms Planning | Trends | Ecosystems | Brand Tracking | TOV & Vis ID


Creative uses ideas to strengthen the bonds between brands and people. Ideas that tell stories, entertain the viewer, and build attention for brands. Creative answers tough marketing questions by crafting solutions that will make the greatest impact possible.

Branding | Brand Platforms | 360º Campaigns | Design | Activations | Experiential | Branded Content


Media creates the plans and constructs the moments for brands to unleash their campaigns into the world. Data-driven plans find the right placements and partnerships, while smart tracking and optimization delivers consistent investment returns.

Strategy | Planning | ROI Modeling | Buying & Optimizing | Measurement | Scale Modeling | Brand Tracking | Paid Social


Production turns ideas into realities. Everything from social to digital, content to activations, every project is handled as an opportunity to get brands maximum attention. No matter where an idea comes from, our production team maintains the integrity of an idea and ensures brands get what they want with the budget they have.

Content | Photography | Experiential | Digital | Social


Social keeps an eye and ear on the ever-changing topics in culture. To create real connections and build strong bonds with your audience, our social crew uses every platform to engage in personal communications and continue authentic interactions.

Strategy | Content Creation | Comm. Mgt | Audience Dev. | Activations | Influencers | Partnerships | Analytics


Digital starts with data to target your brand’s audience at every corner of the digital landscape. To get real results from smart strategy and compelling creative, digital works at speed to optimize data and put brands in the right places–the traditional, untraditional, and completely unexpected.

Ecosystems | UX/UI | Front-End | Back-End | Analytics | CRM | Web Dev (Full Stack)




Wealth of Knowledge

Before we came together as Charts+Darts, our team has had the privilege to work on a variety of the world’s biggest brands. And it’s that breadth of experience we lean on when working with current and future partners. In short, we’ve seen a lot so we can do a lot.

Western Union
Ritz Carlton
Disney Channel
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Cartoon Network
Taco Bell
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Real California Milk
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