Talent wins games. Teamwork wins championships.

-Michael Jordan

We Stay True To Our Values

Our values show up in all we do - in how we work internally, how we create, and how we work with our partners.

Don’t stop until you’re proud.
Work to go home with your head held high for yourself and our partners.

Be kind to each other, tough on the work.
Build trust in each other, pressure test the work to make it great.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
Revel in growth and brave it everyday.

Solve, don’t spin.
Focus on understanding the problem and work the solution.

Show up for each other.
No matter your role, title, or location, find a way to support one another.

Charts+Darts x Lineage:

Here’s how we shake things up: we partnered with Lineage Muay Thai, sponsored a fighter, Kohl Laren, and designed a pair of shorts for him to rock in the ring.

Charts+Darts Merch:

They say the real money is in merchandising. We haven’t seen a single red cent because our merch is of the members only variety, reserved for our team and the bold brands who work with us.

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Work Hard // Play Hard 
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