Client: GT’s Kombucha




The Challenge

Creating a campaign in 1/10th the time it takes to brew kombucha
For some, kombucha is an acquired taste. For Brittany Tomlinson, aka “Kombucha Girl”, that’s especially true. The TikTok star went viral for her mixed reaction to the fermented beverage, netting over 2.5 million views to date. When the opportunity arose, we leapt to action to blend her reticence with the excitement of GT’s founder GT Dave, aka the “Kombucha King”.


The Approach

Cultures take time, but cultural relevance moves quick
An idea. A director. A crew. And, somehow, a permit to shoot on Hollywood Blvd. All within 48 hours (an LA film permit in half the time). It takes nimble footwork to activate against a moment, and that’s exactly what C+D did. We created a 9-episode series of videos for our partner brand tapping in to the cultural sensation.

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