Client: Lexus International




The Challenge

Exploring the boundaries of a brand that’s already miles ahead.
With the launch of the newest iteration of the Lexus LC500, Lexus International approached C+D to elevate an existing program of infographics and VIP guest kits. Key word being elevate – an immensely difficult ask from a brand known for consistently leading in quality and aesthetics. Of course, we jumped at the chance.


The Approach

Push aesthetics; exceed expectations
Knowing there was an existing framework and brand guidelines, we poured over what had been done. Then we developed what comes next. Mixing fresh eyes and a fresh approach to create elegantly sophisticated layouts, we were able to capture the craftsmanship the brand is known for while taking the projects, as a whole, to the next level. It didn’t take long before we were tasked with applying our approach across a multitude of additional products.

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