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The Challenge

Pike’s Privilege
Each year, Yokohama undertakes the impossible task of documenting the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb—notorious for being one of the most difficult motorsport races to capture in the world. Only a select few are granted the necessary permits to chronicle the Race to the Clouds—a rare privilege we've held since 2018. But other challenges await us on the mountain, namely getting all our gear up and down unforgiving terrain that tops out at over 14k feet. And that marks just the beginning of the real fun.


The Approach

Production Purgatory
The Pike's Peak International Hill Climb stands as a formidable test of endurance and skill, and we aren’t talking about the drivers. Our day begins early—we rise shortly after the sun sets.  Arriving at the foothills of Pike’s, we start the grueling hike from Devil's Playground to the summit, traversing roughly 4,500 vertical feet. Then the work begins, carry 50+ lbs of gear around at an oxygen-deprived altitude of 14,115 ft above sea level, making each step a breath-stealing effort. The course itself, spanning over 12 miles demands precision and adaptability, where we might get the chance to capture a driver a handful of times. Unpredictable weather conditions, rapid elevation changes, and the constant battle against altitude-induced fatigue make it even more difficult. Capturing Pike's Peak International Hill Climb requires not only skillful planning and maneuvering but also a resilient spirit to overcome the relentless series of challenges posed by this iconic motorsport race.

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