the c+d difference

Covered 140 miles to capture impossible content and deliver it to millions in near real-time.

kicking up some dust

Johnson Valley is home to some of the world’s most unforgiving, if-you-don’t-have-4WD-go-home kinda terrain. Tens of thousands gather here to witness King of the Hammers – one of the toughest off-road events on the planet. But with a course over 140 miles long, it’s nearly impossible for spectators to follow along. So when Yokohama Tire approached us, we knew basic coverage wouldn’t be enough.


enthusiasts witnessed
King of the Hammers
video plays surpassed
unique reach
suggesting many individuals
rewatched content

avg. photo engagement rate

7.5% above benchmark

avg. overall engagement rate

nearly 2x above 2019 benchmark

video view rate

nearly 2x above 2019 benchmark

off-road miles put on our CD’s Tundra:

c+d members Iced:


total shower taken by crew:

why show thousands when
you could show millions?

That’s exactly what we asked as we developed our approach to the infamous event. As newcomers to the race, we didn’t want to leave Yokohama’s clout to chance. Instead of relying solely on podiums to get coverage, our plan was to have Yokohama usurp the digital space and give enthusiasts exclusive access through Yokohama’s socials.

total showers taken
6 (tops)

premium content,
on the rocks.

We divided and conquered to bring all things normally unseen straight to enthusiasts’ fingertips. From 6am till ?? our crew raced from position to position, filtering through content, editing photos and videos, writing against them, pirating wifi to post for all to see, then backing each piece with hyper-targeted media strategies. At the end of each day, Yokohama was the hero that brought fans into the fold of off-road racing insanity.

dirty clothes, full hard drives,
Yokohama Tire can’t lose.

Ten days in the desert. 240 hours of non-stop shooting, editing and posting. The result? Yokohama was the source that connected 4M eager enthusiasts to one of the most inaccessible races on the planet.

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