the c+d difference

Making a splash by identifying a cultural moment and executing in less than 72 hours.

from Tik Tok
to taste test

GT’s Kombucha has been pioneering the kombucha game long before the craze swept through California. In 2019, yoga moms, spiritual gurus and Brittany Tomlinson’s viral Tik Tok took the entire fermented tea industry into the mainstream. All of a sudden kombucha was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and GT’s Kombucha needed a nimble partner to strike while the SCOBY was thick.


of earned media
video plays surpassed
unique reach
suggesting many individuals
rewatched content

bottles consumed by on-site team:


number of days to get a permit:

time it took us to get a permit:

mere hours
bottles consumed by team

kombucha king
meets meme queen

It made perfect sense to pair GT Dave with Brittiany Tomlinson – @Brittany_broski’s viral meme crowned her as a socially relevant authority on taste testing. Naturally, her stamp of approval on GT’s Kombucha would add credibility and help win over new fans.


the main characters
needed a stage

We were set to capture GT Dave and Brittany Tomlinson in 3 days. Where and when? That was up to us. In 72 hours, our creative team had 6 treatments written, our production team secured a permit, and our on-site crew was ready to cover multiple shoots in multiple locations in one day.

the proof’s
in the booch

Six videos produced, edited and released and over 5 million views later, we had successfully capitalized on a moment. GT’s Kombucha passed the taste test with flying colors, their audience had something to connect with, and countless new fans were following the adventure on all social channels.

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